Project 4

In this lesson I learn how to refine my motion tweens and effectively use key frames to help mark things like color rotation size and location. I also learned how to make objects seem as if they are being pushed out of the way.

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Animate Project 3

In lesson 3 i learn how to use the 3D rotation tool to rotate items in to make them look as if they are pointing towards or away from the camera and when combined with the motion path tool it came make objects “spin”. The motion path tool is tool that sets up a path […]

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Animation Project 2

In lesson 2 I learned Adobe Animate’s version of the pen tool that it only makes outlines so that you have to go in with the fill tool and so that you have the shape. I also learned that the stroke and outline are considered two different shapes meaning you can take the outline of […]

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Adobe Project 1

In lesson one I learn how to make a key frame which is the base for a animation allowing me to change when a object is visible and for how long. I learn how the properties tab works allowing to make change the fill and the stroke and changing the fill on shapes as well […]

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